Executive Search :

We are pioneers in finding new ways, where others give up, where companies are unable to find the desired talent. Our network of International Headhunters possesses real time experience and strong local networks. Being an International Headhunting Company we specialize in cross border assignments with emphasis on local culture, language and network. Our Executive Search Consultants effectively transform the client business strategy to a roadmap including strategic, operational and behavioral elements, enabling a clear, client and candidate match, based on skill sets and more importantly, on values, culture and operating style

Professional Recruitment:

Our professional recruitment division provides a niche, highly specialized talent sourcing service to the clients. Greenstone recruits, screens and delivers the best candidates to fill your job openings. By providing all necessary information on the job opportunity and the client organization upfront, we are able to attract better quality candidates. We also ensure, they are candidates who will stay with you for years to come.

We deliver:

  • Specialized recruiting professionals dedicated to your business
  • Rigorous evaluation that assures only the most qualified candidates are recommended
  • Comprehensive checks that ensure candidates meet the highest standards
  • Candidates who are not only a good match but also a great cultural fit to your organization.